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What  do  you  really expect  from  your  next  Web Hosting  Provider ?


Since 2001

True 24x7 Technical Support

USA Data Centers: your Data well Insured

Owned Intel® Core™ i7  32 GB RAM Servers


Plain and Simple: No more Broken Promises. At Terapower we have the know-how to achieve and take care of a Seamless and Uninterrupted Internet Presence. We Ensure your Data with our Ultimate Servers & WorldClass U.S. based Data Centers. True 24x7 Reliable Customer Service and Knowledgeable Technical Support.




 • Unlimited Add-on Domains
 • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
 • MSSQL & MySQL DataBases

 • 3 Gb Data Transfer
 • 200 Mb Disk Space
 • FREE Set Up
 • Instant Activation


          $ 2 per month



 • Unlimited Add-on Domains
 • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
 • Unlimited Data Bases
 • 7.5 Gb Data Transfer
 • 500 Mb Disk Space
 • FREE Set Up
 • Instant Activation


          $ 5 per month


 • Unlimited Add-on Domains

 • Unlimited E-mail Accounts

 • Unlimited Data Bases

 • 15 Gb Data Transfer

 • 1 Gb Disk Space

 • FREE Set Up

 • Instant Activation


         $ 10 per month





 Web Hosting sites:

Linux - Windows - ColdFusion

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Our Web Hosting Plans Include:


True 24x7 Technical Support

Real 100% Uptime

Pay Yearly 1 month FREE! 

30 Days Money Back

Daily & Weekly Back Ups

30 Days Test Drive FREE!  


Technical Support

Complete Video Tutorials

24x7 Tickets Support

MSN ICQ Yahoo IM Skype*

24x7 Help Desk

24x7 Knowledge Base 


Host Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Subdomains 

Unlimited Parked Domains

Unlimited Users C/Panel  

Dedicated IP Addresses*

Redirected URLs



HTTP Multimedia Streams

Macromedia Shockwave/Flash

Windows Media 

Real Audio / Video


Web Statistics

AWStats Web Statistics

Raw Access Logs

Bandwidth Meter Webalizer


Servers Specs

Intel® Core™ i7 3.0 GHz

32 GB Memory (Minimum)


Data Centers NOCs 

ThePlanet Dallas Texas USA

NAC Parsipanny New Jersey

NAP of the Americas Flo USA

     Windows Features


Supported Scripts

ASP .NET 4.0 Hosting

ASP.NET 2.0/3.5: Codebehind,  Web Services, User Controls,
Parent Paths & Pages

ASP 3.0 (Classic ASP)

Crystal Reports

PHP 5.2 / 5.3 with Zend*

Personal CGI-BIN ActivePERL


.NET Application Folders

.NET Framework

4.0  3.5  2.0  &  1.1

FrontPage 2003 Extensions

Cold Fusion 9 *


Email Server

Unlimited Email Accounts

SMTP :: POP3 :: IMAP4 

Unlimited Email Forwarders

Unlimited Autoresponders

Email Aliases

Box Trapper

Catch All Email Accounts

Webmails: Horde-MailEnable Smartermail-Squirrelmail

Anti SPAM Protection

Mailing Lists MRA

Multi Addresses



Data Bases

Unlimited ODBC DSN's

Unlimited MSSQL 2005/2008* 

Remote SQL Management

MyODBC Driver 

Unlimited MS Access/Excel 

Unlimited MySQL 5*


Web Based SQL Tools


ASP Components

ASP Mailers: CDO and ASPEmail

ASP Uploading: ASPSmartUpload

ASP Image Processing: ASPImage






ASPSmartMail-Dimac W3 Jmail*

ASPINET-Office Web-SiteTree*

Dundas Mailer & Dundas Uploader*

Office Web Components*


Pre-Installed Scripts

Thousands of Web Templates*

SiteStudio* Web Site NOW!



Sites Management

24 hours FTP Access

Choose HELM or Plesk or

H-Sphere Control Panels

Custom MIME Types

Web Based File Manager



Advanced Features

Virtual Directories

IIS 6.1 : CGI Center

Pass Protected Directories

Custom Error Pages

Custom Default Documents

Advanced Site Protection

DNS Zone File Management




osCommerce Cart

Shared SSL Certificates

Private SSL Certificates*



Operating System

Windows Server 2003  

       Linux Features


True 100% Uptime with Clustered Failover Technology


Sites Management

24 hours FTP Access

Anonymous FTP 

cPanel Control Panel

Web File Manager


Supported Scripts

CGI-BIN :: Perl :: Python

PHP 5.2 & 5.3 w/ Zend


Server Side Includes (SSI)

FrontPage 2003 Extensions


Data Bases

Unlimited MySQL 5 *

Unlimited phpMyAdmin



Email Server

Unlimited POP3 Email

SMTP :: POP3 :: IMAP4 

Unlimited Email Forwarders

Unlimited Autoresponders

Email Filters

Catch All Email

Anti SPAM Protection

Webmail RoundCube, Horde    & Squirrel

Mailing Lists

Email Filters

Aliases Email

SPAM Assassin
ClamAV Anti Virus

Anti SPAM Filters


Pre-Installed Scripts


Thousands of Web Templates*

Fantastico De Luxe NEW!

SiteStudio* Web Site NOW!




osCommerce Cart

Zen Shopping Cart

CubeCart Shopping Cart

Shared SSL Certificates

Private SSL Certificates*


Advanced Features

Custom Error Pages

Cron Jobs

Pass Protected Directories

MIME Types

Apache Handlers

Hot Link Protection


Operating Systems

RedHat Enterprise Linux 


     * Optional                    see more Web Hosting Features 






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