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GeoTRUST SSL Reseller Account


Selling SSL certificates is a must for any web hosting company. Behind web hosting and domain registration, SSL certificates are the 3rd most sought after product for online businesses.

GeoTrust is the #1 selling SSL certificate on the market. Offer your clients true 128-bit SSL certificates at a savings of over 66% off the retail price!

A low priced 128-bit SSL certificate issued in 10 minutes or less. Compatible on 99% of all web browsers. Real time two-factor telephone authentication with ChoicePoint unique identifier.

Retail Price: u$s 169 | Your Price: u$s 95 |
Earn: 78%

This true 128-bit SSL certificate can be issued in 10 minutes or less. Compatible on 99% of all web browsers. Real time telephone authentication and includes a GeoTrust "smart seal" for your website to instill consumer confidence.

Retail Price: u$s 249 | Your Price: u$s 155 |
Earn: 72%

The true businessID SSL certificate is a true 128-bit certificate providing end-to-end internet security protection. The true businessID is the most secure encryption technology you can buy. Includes a true site "smart seal" with your company, date, and time to instill the greatest consumer confidence.

Retail Price: u$s 349 | Your Price: u$s 195 |
Earn: 79%

For more information about GeoTRUST, click here.

Order Now! and contact us here to add GeoTRUST FREE! to your account.


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